We are called to love radically, lead humbly, and use work to bring about true flourishing in the places that need it the most. 

Will you answer this call in your life?

The St Roch CDC Fellowship Program recruits high caliber young adult candidates, placing them in a year-long intensive work experience. This work is geared toward developing and empowering them to be the next generation of Christian Leaders: those who will change the way the Church loves and leads in ministry, neighborhoods, nonprofits, business, and beyond.

How it works

St Roch CDC Recruits Top Young Christian Leaders

St Roch CDC Recruits Top Young Christian Leaders

Fellows live in community and work in high impact roles for a year

Fellows live in community and work in high impact roles for a year

Fellows engage in spiritual and professional development  

Fellows engage in spiritual and professional development  

Fellows launch their careers equipped to be change-makers in ministry, nonprofits, business, and more 

Fellows launch their careers equipped to be change-makers in ministry, nonprofits, business, and more 

Become a change-maker of tomorrow.


Intentional Community

Fellows live together in community housing in the heart of the neighborhoods they will be working and serving in. This allows them to put into practice loving God and neighbor together, as Christ’s call to love radically (and be loved on) is built into their everyday lives.

Work Experience that Matters

God created us in his image to create and make his world flourish, so our work matters. Fellows are empowered with the unique opportunity to exercise and explore their gifts and expertise, from Biology to Children’s Ministry, Entrepreneurship to Art History, or anything and everything in between. All the while, fellows will be directing these abilities and knowledge toward furthering Christ’s work through community development and urban ministry in New Orleans. 

Spiritual & Professional Training and Mentorship

Fellows receive training, support, and guidance throughout the year, ensuring that they finish equipped as leaders. The Fellows Program includes intensive training as soon as Fellows arrive, as well as year-round weekly trainings, experiential learning trips, and individual mentorship from leaders within the city.

Life Changing Relationships and Experiences

Each Fellow’s experience is likely to vary in many ways. No matter what, they leave with their lives changed. Fellows develop relationships with people that they’d never have dreamt of, discover a “world” that they never knew existed, navigate both the heart-breaking and joy-filled realities of living among and loving their neighbors, and see God work in ways never imagined through work and relationships. These changes will impact the rest of a Fellow's life.


Ready to embark on this life-shaping journey?


Who is a good fit? Those trained in business, education, arts, political science, photo journalism, accounting, science, community development, theology, computer programing, social work…and the list goes on and on. In other words, no two Fellows look exactly the same. Fellows come from various backgrounds and find dynamic ways to use and develop their unique abilities as a part of the program. That being said, there are a few non-negotiables that we look for in all Nehemiah Fellows: 

Hungry – Nehemiah Fellows have a strong, proven work ethic and come ready to contribute from day 1. They are always looking to learn, grow, and improve, both at work and at home. Successful Fellows exhibit a combination of grit, flexibility, and drive as they tackle new, and often changing, challenges, spiritually, relationally, and professionally.

Humble – Christ-like leadership begins with humility. Nehemiah Fellows seek to serve and empower others before themselves in all areas of life. Fellows are willing to carry the team, even if it means doing what may seem like “trivial” work. They receive healthy criticism and share credit among their peers.

Smart – Intelligence comes in many different forms: intellectual, technical, street smarts, artistic, and athletic/physical, to name just a few. These and others are all great assets to bring to the table. Most important for Nehemiah Fellows is emotional intelligence. Fellows are able to empathize and connect with others, communicate and listen in a way that honors others well, be able to navigate healthy conflict, and exhibit self-awareness.

Mission Alignment

Fellows must have an appreciation for and be a student of other cultures. They must have an asset-based approach to developing people and communities. Fellows need to be Christians, active in their faith and in good standing with a local church. They must profess Christ as the only way to Salvation, the Bible as the infallible Word of God, and connect with the biblical call to serve those in need.

In essence, Fellows are reflections of Nehemiah in our modern context: they serve well, lead boldly, seek justice, and honor God, as they empower the people to rebuild the city.

Sound like you? 

What Does A Nehemiah Fellow Do?


With every Fellow bringing a unique skillset and abilities to the table, individual work and roles will vary upon the day and organizational need. However, all tasks will generally revolve around programs of St Roch CDC and St Roch Community Church in Affordable Housing, Financial Literacy, Job Preparedness Training, Youth Ministry, Developing/Supporting Entrepreneurs, Thrift Store Operations, and Development Work.

In the past, Fellows have headed up a summer job preparedness program for local highschoolers, co-facilitated courses in entrepreneurship and financial literacy, contributed to grant-writing, renovated homes, lead volunteer teams, created marketing plans, and more.

Outside of work, Fellows are active in the community, getting involved in church activities, engaging the community at St. Roch Park, volunteering at fellow nonprofits, and generally sharing life with others, while spending time exploring the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Apply Your Skills to Further God’s Kingdom Today

So What Do Fellows Get Paid?

Fellows are provided with communal housing (by gender) and a salary of $24,000 through individual support raising. Raising your own support may seem difficult, but it is a life-changing discipline in gratitude and perseverance, as well as a valuable ministry to engage with the Church. The recruiting team provides training and ongoing support throughout the support raising process.

For those who cringe at raising your own support, we urge you to pray and seek the voice of God, not the voice of fear. We recognize that this call may not be for everyone.

Interested but want to hear more? Contact us to answer and questions or chat about the Fellows Program.

The Application Process

Step 1 – The Application (Early February 2017)

This is your chance to make a great first impression. Thoughtfully respond to several make or break questions, telling us about yourself. The final deadline for application submissions is February 10th, 2017 by 11:59pm. Applicants can expect to hear back regarding their submission within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

Step 2 - Video Interviews (Middle of February 2017)

If we think you’ll be a good fit based upon your application, you’ll be invited to join our team for an online video interview. We’ll get to know you better and hear about your motivations, goals, and ambitions. By the end of this 10-20 minute interview, the goal is for the team at St Roch CDC to best assess your fit as a Nehemiah Fellow. You can expect to receive feedback within 7-10 days after the interview, if not sooner.

Step 3 – Contacting References and 2nd Interviews (Late February 2017)

Now things begin to get real! If you’ve made it to this point: 1) Congratulations, we're exciting about keeping the conversation going with you and 2) The Recruiting team will begin scheduling 60 minute interviews (in person or video depending upon travel capabilities). We will contact your references to make sure you’re as good as you appear. Applicants can expect to hear back in about a week.

Step 4 – Decision Day (Early March 2017)

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for...the next class of Fellows will be invited into the program to begin their journey together to become the Christ-like servant leaders, agents of mercy, and change-makers of tomorrow. After invites are extended, applicants have a week to pray, speak with family members and mentors, and reflect upon the opportunity before final acceptance. Then, it’s time to jump right into pre-arrival training and work to prepare Fellows for success!

Ready, set, apply!


What Fellows Are Saying...

"When I felt the Lord calling me to serve as a Fellow in New Orleans, I knew that it was going to mean some major changes, but I couldn’t have imagined all that God had in store. My experience as a fellow has shaped my faith and my life, at its core, as I’ve built relationships and been exposed to realities that I had never known. The Fellows experience has required me to embrace a life of humility, flexibility, grit, and empathy as I’ve navigated the joys and heartbreaks of working and living as a part of the neighborhood.
As a Fellow, I was given opportunities to contribute to the organization and community right off the bat, and have been able to learn and lead in ways that an ordinary entry level job could never come close to. The Fellows Program has shaped me as it enabled me to wrestle with the intersection of faith, work, and a life of loving service. After only five months, I feel like I’ve experienced more life than most people my age have in several years, and I am confident that I am more equipped, as both a man of God and a young professional than I ever could have been, without this life-shaping experience." - Ben Shenk