Nehemiah Fellows Application

We are excited that you are applying.  Since this is a form that does not allow you to save your work and come back later we HIGHLY encourage you to work on these questions offline and transfer your answers, particularly since you will need to answer short answer questions and micro essays.  Here is a Word version and a PDF version for you to download to work on offline.  In addition to filling out this application, please e-mail your resume to

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Get to know you - Short answer questions, 1 paragraph each
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Some questions to consider when crafting your response are: how does becoming a Nehemiah Fellow align with your gifting and life experiences? Why is becoming a Fellow the right next step in your life? What do you expect to get out of the program and how does it align with your future goals? Be holistic and creative in your response, don’t feel constrained by these guiding questions!
We all have experiences in life that have brought us to our knees, revealed our limits, and made us face the brokenness of the world in a very real way. Yet it is often out of this muck and mire that we are able to grow in the most profound ways. Some questions to consider when crafting your response are: how did you get through it? What did you learn from the experience? How has your life been shaped by your journey through this difficulty? Looking back, how do you view this adversity in your life today?