About Us

New Orleans is built on a vibrant & culturally rich foundation where celebration is a way of life. Sadly, our city is also known for poverty, violence, neglect and corruption. However, St Roch CDC lives with a vision of Shalom, where nothing is missing or broken— where men and women are gainfully employed, where small businesses thrive, where neighbors own their homes, where faith is strengthened and where people are empowered & encouraged to join in the community transformation. The bottom line is that we believe that Christ is at work in this world making all things new and we are just joining in on His work.

Founded in 2008, St. Roch CDC is a 501(c)3, Christian community development organization offering services to help meet the physical and economic needs of individuals and families. We seek to equip people with training and resources to improve their lives and community as well as connect them to a broader network of people who will help champion their efforts so that dignity, families and our community are restored.

Our vision is to see individuals empowered to change their lives, families and community.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to help lift people out of material and asset poverty and wholistically restore our community.

Our Strategies


Launch NOLA

Launch NOLA provides business training, support, & affordable resources for urban entrepreneurs, empowering them to create sustainable, successful business in New Orleans. Visit www.LaunchNOLA.org to learn more. It's your dream we're just here to help you make it a reality.

Work Life

Work Life is a biblically integrated job preparedness curriculum designed specifically for people from backgrounds of generational poverty. In addition to practical job skills, the curriculum empowers participants to recognize that God is at work in the world and that their jobs are a way of participating in that work.

Participants in our Work Life program earn money and gain practical work experiences at our thrift store, Restoration Thrift, during their training. 

Work Life Curriculum Sample



Faith & Finances Logo.png

The Faith & Finances program offers a context for low- to moderate-income people to learn best practices of financial literacy—including saving, expense tracking, and building productive assets.  Even more, as part of God’s work in the world, people in all income levels discover that they play a key role in God’s kingdom, using their resources to restore broken relationships.


Affordable Housing

Gentrification is in full effect in many New Orleans neighborhoods with St. Roch recently being labeled “ground zero.” As prices rise for both renters and those looking to buy, many low-income neighbors are being squeezed out.  Within our holistic approach to community development,  St. Roch CDC is committed to providing opportunities for the material poor to remain and enjoy the benefits of an improved neighborhood.  Our strategy is to continue acquiring vacant lots for new construction as well as existing structures to renovate with the goal of putting 8-12 units a year back into commerce. 

“Gentrification with justice – that’s what is needed to restore health to our urban neighborhoods. Needed are gentry with vision who have compassionate hearts as well as real estate acumen. We need gentry whose understanding of community includes the less-advantaged, who will use their competencies and connections to ensure that their lower-income neighbors share a stake in their revitalizing neighborhood. The city needs land-owning residents who are also faith-motivated, who yield to the tenets of their faith in the inevitable tension between value of neighbor over value of property.” – Bob Lupton

Completed Projects

1810 St. Roch Ave

1810 St. Roch Ave

1812-14 St. Roch Ave

1812-14 St. Roch Ave

1340 St. Roch Ave. Staple Goods Gallery

1340 St. Roch Ave. Staple Goods Gallery

2360 N. Roman St

2360 N. Roman St

1741 Spain Street

1741 Spain Street

1734 St. Roch Ave

1734 St. Roch Ave


  • 1738 St. Roch Ave
  • 1809-11 Mandeville Street
  • 2055-57 N. Roman Street
  • 1834-36 Painters Street


  • 2135 St. Roch
  • 2200 Almonaster
  • 1626 Painters
  • 2810 N. Rocheblave
  • 2029 Almonaster
  • 2319 N, Derbigny
  • 2410 N. Galvez
  • 2448 N. Galvez
  • 2449 N. Prieur
  • 2810 N. Rocheblave
  • 2278 N. Johnson



  1. Create jobs so that those who have had challenges entering the work force can do so with dignity and support.
  2. Create a diversified funding stream to support ministry initiatives.
  3. Provide an excellent and affordable shopping experience for customers.
  4. Provide opportunities for people to give back through in-kind donations and volunteer service.