Troy's story


We met Troy 7 years ago. He was in high school and dealing drugs to help provide for his mom and family. He was fortunate enough to get busted early in the game so things ended before anything serious occurred. Troy also happened to be neighbors with leaders from St. Roch Community Church, the church tied to St. Roch CDC. After Troy's arrest, we walked with him as he bravely worked to change his life.

He came to us one day with the idea of creating a house where guys with similar histories could live together and strive to be an example to others of a life changed. So, for the past several years, Troy and his roommates have lived in the “Purple House," a quaint shotgun-style house that St. Roch CDC developed (and yes, painted bright purple).

Troy became the first person in his family to attend college. He is set to graduate from the University of New Orleans with a BA in Political Science in December 2016. While a full-time student, Troy is raising his young daughter, working for the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, and is the President of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement [neighborhood] Association!

The Purple House was robbed twice recently. Troy’s response? "We live in a broken city, I live in a broken neighborhood, but I ain't going no where. I'm sticking around to help fix it. Pray for my neighborhood and also for the person who broke into my house."

We are now working with Troy to become a 1st time homebuyer. He participated in both our financial fitness and job training courses a few years ago.  Recently, he needed to buy a new car.  Troy was excited to report that he paid cash for it, a lesson learned from our financial fitness class.